This interactive program welcomes families to enjoy cooking and healthy eating. Our volunteer instructors walk participants through our intentionally-crafted lesson plans that focus on nutrition. Through hands-on experience, Inland Empire residents learn the keys of food safety & preparation by creating delicious recipes they can easily make at home.


We believe education empowers. To promote healthy minds and increase literacy in some of Southern California’s toughest areas, our Wisdom Wednesdays program is a place where families can connect & enjoy time together. Leaders, parents and students from throughout the community all volunteer to read books to children to inspire them.

CCF Fit Kids

We’re tackling childhood obesity & bringing fun to fitness through our CCF Fit Kids program! With the help of local fitness coaches, we’re giving kids in our community energetic, uplifting experiences that help break the stigma that fitness is too difficult or can’t be fun.

Through kid-friendly workouts, yoga and meditation, children gain skills like mindfulness, self-awareness & positive self-esteem that they can carry with them into their everyday lives.

Seeds of Joy

No green thumb? No problem! Our Seeds of Joy community garden is a place where families can learn basic gardening skills, build positive relationships, and gain exposure to healthy, organic foods. CCF invites you to join our club at no cost to participants.

Expert gardening volunteers walk families through how to grow their own produce. Our participants can always expect to learn how to plant, care for & harvest crops, be refreshed with low-to-no calorie beverages & healthy snacks and go home with practical tools to lead healthier lifestyles.


By coming alongside the Caramel Connections Foundation’s efforts, you can play a key part in being the reason why more families can be better equipped to take hold of their destiny and lead long, live legacies.