At Caramel Connections Foundation, we believe everyone deserves to grow healthy together.

The Gardening for Everyone Initiative is a collaborative endeavor led by Caramel Connections Foundation (CCF). CCF seeks to integrate the efforts of individuals from many industries- including community composters, educators and organizers, environmental and social justice activists, policy advocates, attorneys, government regulators and policymakers, various health sector representatives, and community members. CCF is dedicated to making change to eliminate barriers for seniors and adults with disabilities so they may have access to fresh organically grown produce and the ability to garden and enjoy green spaces.

CCF’s Gardening for Everyone Partner Anthesis

We are currently seeking individuals to join the Gardening for Everyone Planning Committee. Being part of this committee requires dedication and a passion for creating diverse and inclusive green spaces for individuals impacted by invisible diseases. The Committee will contribute to modifying the Seeds of Joy Community Garden space to be more ADA compliant for those impacted with mobility issues and special needs. CCF believes that we may all be different but in the Seeds of Joy Community Garden we can all grow together.

We invite you to partner with CCF and share your expertise. CCF’s vision for the initiative is to create a garden space that promotes a love of nature, physical and mental health, and community building. While the emphasis will be the garden, CCF intends to create a space that also enriches the community with wellness practices, art, music, reading and networking. Activities in the garden will encourage neighbors to promote good health, try new things and build community connections. By working together we can achieve the goal of Gardening for Everyone:

Relevance of Initiative: Equity; not everyone can have a garden at home

Our priority area of focus will be to support Inland Empire residents by identifying, implementing and evaluating strategies to;

  • Expand access to healthy, sustainably produced, culturally appropriate foods; 
  • Minimize the community and environmental cost of food production and distribution;
  • Decrease sedentary time;
  • Increase environmental awareness and stewardship.

Neighborhood and Physical Environmental Factors: Access to healthy food and healthy recreational opportunities, health behaviors (diet & exercise), socio-economic factors (education, food insecurity), gardening skill set (plant selection and care, organic gardening, soil health, compost, waste diversion/recycling)

The Gardening for Everyone Initiative will serve systemically marginally communities which may include but are not limited to: Asian, Black, African American, California Native American, Elders/Seniors, LGBTQA+, low-income, formerly incarcerated, students of colors, immigrants, documented and/or undocumented veterans and youth.

This is a volunteer opportunity, no stipend or financial compensation will be given.

The Committee has the following purposes:

1) Gather/share information about potential donors, sponsors and build a resource sharing list through personal and professional networks.

2) Personally invite donors and prospects to visit the garden to encourage project support.

3) Help support mission focus by planning the garden improvements/upgrades.

4) Make the project contributors feel special by personally thanking them after the project has launched.

Thank You to Our Partners and Sponsors

I am pleased to hear kids who are using Elizabeth’s program are benefiting from both learning about healthy and delicious food and learning about the health benefits of regular physical exercise in accord with the Countywide Vision’s Vision2BActive campaign.

Curt Hagman • San Bernardino County 4th District Supervisor